About Supreme Support Group

Kylie Rooney, the founder of SSG, established the organization after recognizing the need for a professional, nurturing, and secure environment to support individuals in their community. We are thrilled about the chance to assist others and find motivation in witnessing our clients’ achievements. Our company provides an opportunity for genuine enjoyment, fostering friendships, and promoting independence. Additionally, we offer respite care, domestic assistance, engagement, skills development, and much more. We encourage families to join us on this journey and actively participate in determining the support provided to their loved ones. At SSG, we prioritize complete transparency throughout our partnership and eagerly look forward to helping you or your loved ones live their most fulfilling life.



SSG has male and female support workers from diverse backgrounds. Each staff member has been chosen for their skills, knowledge, and compassion. We treat our clients as part of our family, and guarantee the most professional service is provided.

SSG offers respite, SLES, group activities, confidence building, lifeskills, domestic support, AND MUCH MORE!